Think tank

Starting the process of grabbing some thoughts and putting them down here. The process will be quite random and sporadic at first and eventually some kind of order and classification will be applied.

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Powerful tools that grow with you

​Sometimes powerful tools require a lot of learning, often before you can do anything with them. There are some exceptions however, tools that provide almost immediate usefulness and just keep on giving the more you learn about them.

Why I mostly use Linux (and now some OSX)

For quite some time I have mainly been using Linux as my desktop operating system (and for the longest time as a server operating system) I usually have Windows somewhere as a backup but day to day I try to avoid it, and OS X comes with a high premium (price and limited hardware options).

Problems with pricing web work

Really this should be titled the “£50,000 cup of coffee and the £5 Porsche” because that is how ridiculous the pricing of web development can seem to the uninitiated. There are strong responsibilities on both sides of the divide to make the process more open and predictable.

Site owners should have ownership of their websites

I think it is important that companies/people have a certain level of control and ownership over their own websites, at least to the extent that they have the details that allow them access to their own code, data and DNS. Website development continuity is a key component of the website life-cycle.

Why I no longer do PSD to HTML

Occasionally whilst doing front-end work I have had to do the Adobe Photoshop PSD to HTML thing where a design is thrown ‘over the wall’ to a developer as PSD. Thankfully a changing landscape means I probably no longer need to do this again. Hopefully front-end specialists will also be increasingly spared.

Why this site is built on ExpressionEngine

​It may seem odd for a “Drupal developer” to build a personal site on something other than Drupal, there are some very good reasons behind it though, and besides, although Drupal is my main tool now I have a long history of other languages and frameworks.

Why I am not on LinkedIn

I left LinkedIn some time ago, and although my profile is gone bits of it still come back to haunt me, or at least they seem to. I got little from LinkedIn and believe I have far better things I can spend my time on, ultimately a poor profile is worse than no profile at all.