Running on Drupal 8 A long term project experimenting with Drupal 8 as it is being developed. Over a year and a half ago I started blogging about Drupal 8 on Drupal 8, recently I have upgraded the site to a recent Beta 7 version and started ramping up my Drupal 8 discovery as the prospect of a D8 release candidate looms.


Drupal 8 has been a long-time coming, although at the time of writing this it could truly be on the the horizon. When in early Alpha I started investigating and experimenting with Drupal 8 (approximately a year and a half ago) I also started a blog actually running on Drupal 8 itself.

Over time Drupal 8 has evolved and changed, and recently I updated my site to Beta 7, I intend to keep updating and learning as Drupal 8 draws to a release candidate, at which point I will have a good working knowledge of it and some experience under my belt.

Learning whilst helping

All my recorded contributions to Drupal code (both contrib. and core) are related to Drupal 8, I have also attempted (and will do more so) to help others no their journey to Drupal 8 mastery. I intend to use the blog and any related modules or themes as the best possible learning environment for the new Drupal.

If you wish you can learn a lot more about this project by following the links and reading the blog, Drupal 8 holds a great amount of promise.