Drupal 8 virtual machine

A Github project, spending a fair amount of time experimenting with Drupal 8 I found myself setting up Drupal based virtual machines fairly often, I took a project on drupal.org which provisioned a Vagrant VM and forked onto Github so that I could adapt to my own needs, also contributing back to the original project where I could.


This project was based on the Drupal VM project at https://drupal.org/project/vm originally generated from a configuration from https://puphpet.com/ . I experimented with the Drupal VM and contributed back a fix for Windows environments and later a bug fix for a library update problem.

I wanted to add a few alterations such as automatic checkout and install of Drupal 8 etc. I was also taking the opportunity to learn more about Puppet and provisioning.


I started working on a adaptation of the VM at work, adapting it for the needs of my work projects and adding features to allow virtual machines to be automatically set up from branches of our projects. Ultimately the underlying approach (which depended on how phphpet.com was working at the time) was too fragile. The reliance on Librarian-puppet was quite fragile to changes in libraries and ultimately I found myself forking my own versions of Puppet modules so I could control changes.

I made a number of commits to clean out unneeded code, streamline the provisioning and support the three major operating systems.

Attempting to support developers on Windows was quite strenuous I did contribute to the Puppet Samba module adding a configuration parameter to make it easier to share the guest working directory with the host via a Samba share.


This project is now deprecated, the underlying approach wasn’t as stable (to changes in software, Puppet modules etc. etc.) after experimenting a little bit I am moving towards using Ansible for provisioning the agent-less approach (nothing needs to installed directly on the VM) is more lightweight and flexible plus I prefer using yaml and Python.

I expect at some stage I will be posting a link to an Ansible based project.