Some things I do

As the professional projects I do are for clients and because most of the work I have done for the past few years has been for clients of clients I can't openly reveal details of these on the web. Below I will start adding details of more public things I have done.

Running on Drupal 8 A long term project experimenting with Drupal 8 as it is being developed. Over a year and a half ago I started blogging about Drupal 8 on Drupal 8, recently I have upgraded the site to a recent Beta 7 version and started ramping up my Drupal 8 discovery as the prospect of a D8 release candidate looms.

Drupal 8 virtual machine

A Github project, spending a fair amount of time experimenting with Drupal 8 I found myself setting up Drupal based virtual machines fairly often, I took a project on which provisioned a Vagrant VM and forked onto Github so that I could adapt to my own needs, also contributing back to the original project where I could.